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2 April 2014


Mae SXTO – ymyrraeth rywiol drwy neges destun – yn ganlyniad prosiect tair blynedd, pan weithiodd yr awdur, cyfarwyddwr ac actorion gyda phobl ifanc i ymchwilio defnydd dinistriol o gyfryngau cymdeithasol. Mae’n stori am bobl gyffredin mewn sefyllfa eithafol. Mae’r cynhyrchiad wedi teithio’n eang ynh Nghymru; mae’n rhan o repertoire y cwmni ar gyfer teithio yn y DG a thramor.

Wrth holi Bethan Gwanas, awdures y sioe am ei phrofiad o gyd weithio gyda cwmni theatr Arad Goch, dywedodd

‘Nath o chwythu ‘mhen i…a g’neud i fi sbio a meddwl am ddrama mewn ffordd hollol wahanol. ‘Sgynai’m byd ond parch at Jeremy am roi ei droed i lawr, Angharad am ei gweledigaeth a’i dychymyg a’i dawn, a’r actorion am ‘neud ffasiwn job dda ohoni!’


SEXTING- sexual harrasment through texting – is the result of a three year research project when the author, performers and director worked with young people to explore the negative and destructive misuse of social media. It’s the story of everyday people in an extreme situation. The production has toured extensively in Wales and remains in the company’s repertoire for touring in the UK and abroad.

The author Bethan Gwanas thoroughly enjoyed working with Arad Goch;

‘It blew my mind….and made me think about drama in a completely different way. I have nothing but respect towards Jeremy for putting his foot down, Angharad for her vision, her imagination and her talent, and the actors for doing such a good job!’

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20 January 2014


Cwmni Theatr Arad Goch are pleased to announce that the 8th AGOR DRYSAU – OPENING DOORS FESTIVAL will take place between 1 – 4 April 2014!

Cwmni Theatr Arad Goch will be celebrating its 25th birthday on the 1st of April and as a result, this years AGOR DRYSAU – OPENING DOORS will be bigger than ever! The jam packed programme contains performances, workshops, professional seminars and several ‘Fringe’ events taking place in the evening.

Performers will be travelling to Wales from Australia, America, Italy, Valencia, Ireland and Northern Ireland, Scotland and France to perform alongside Welsh companies. Performances will take place in Aberystwyth with some companies travelling to Pontardawe Arts Center, Theatr Mwldan, Theatr Felinfach, Lyric Theatre and Gwyn Hall. 

“We want to celebrate our birthday with friends from all corners of the globe, that’s why we have invited several companies to return to Wales for this years Festival to perform alongside Welsh friends and some new friends. It’s going to be an international party and we hope that YOU can join us for this unique event. It’s going to be a feast of theatre for all ages”

(Jeremy Turner, Arad Goch’s Artistic Director)